How to download videos songs on iPHONE (EASY STEPS)

 How to Download Songs in iPhone(Easy steps)

Download songs in iphone

download songs in iphone
How to Download Songs in iphone

After buying iphone main oroblem we face is downloading files ,music videos, movies which apple dont allow Everything is paid in apple so we will show you a best tips to download any type of files in iphone 

  Download songs in iphone without itunes

As we get disappointed when we came to know this think that we can only download music form itunes for which we should have Paid subscription

Iphone doesn’t allow us to download song form third party websites
So today I am gonna show you trick how to download any songs from any website on your iphone 

Today i gonna show you how to download songs in iphone 

Steps for download movies songs videos on iphone for free

1 Open app Store

Download any file in iphone
Steps 1 download any songs in iphone serach bar type document by readdle

Download videos songsin iphone

3 download document by readdle

Download any file in iphone xs

4 open it

5 Down right corner there is a browser symbol

How to download songs in iphone

6 slide it a browser will appear

Trick to download any songs on iphone

7. search what u wanna download on your iphone

Download any files in iphone

9. Click in download file

Download any songs videos movies in iphone free

10.This page will appear click on done

11. The song will be downloaded in your iphone 

Same way you can download videos ,movies anything you want hope so you liked my article if yes then comment down below

You might think is it possible to download songs in iphone and the answer is yes of course you can with the help of document by readlle its has a browser in it where you can visit any website and download any files in your iphone

download songs in iphone free
download songs in iphone se
download songs in iphone 7
download songs in iphone 7 plus
download songs in iphone x
download songs in iphone xs 

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