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WordPress Responsive Themes: What They Are and What they Mean

Web design becomes more complicated all the time, simply because more Web-enabled devices are constantly coming onto the market. Among the most influential devices in terms of changing people’s Internet usage habits have been mobile Internet devices. Tablet computers, smart phones and other devices that allow Internet access on a screen with different dimensions than those typical of desktop computer screens changed the world of design significantly.

WordPress Responsive Themes - What They Are and What they Mean

WordPress Responsive Themes – What They Are and What they Mean

Responsive Themes

Some Premium WordPress Themes are responsive. This simply means that, when somebody visits them on a device with different screen dimensions than your typical desktop computer, the theme can automatically rearrange itself so that it displays in a useful fashion.

WordPress themes that have responsive features built into them are most useful to people who expect to get a lot of mobile visitors. Keep in mind that people are using mobile Web devices in their homes these days, which changes the playing field completely. It’s not uncommon for people to use a tablet device to surf the Internet instead of using their desktop computer when they’re in their own home. Because of that, responsive themes are more important than ever.

No Programming Required

If you’re using a commercially produced WordPress theme, you’re generally not going to have to do any set up to take advantage of its responsive features. Some of them might allow you to choose to have the theme respond to being viewed on a mobile device or to stay as it is configured for desktop computers.

As is the case with most WordPress themes, any options you have relative to the responsive nature of the theme will usually be controlled from the theme options panel. You shouldn’t have to deal with stylesheets or the actual code of your site to take advantage of any of the mobile friendly features built into it.

Do I Need One?

Whether or not you need a responsive theme is a valid question. While an increasing number of people are using mobile devices to access the Internet, the vast majority of people still prefer to use desktop computers, according to studies. Some types of sites do not lend themselves well to mobile devices. For example, if your site features a lot of very high quality and well-produced video, watching it on a small screen might be something of a waste. You want to take these types of considerations into account when you’re deciding whether to go with the responsive theme or not.

One other way to look at the question, however, is that it’s always nice to have options, even if you don’t choose to exercise them right away.

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