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CPM Advertising Network – Top 31

If you often check your blog stats, you’d notice that most of the visitors either come from search engines like Google &  Yahoo or networking sites like StumbleUpon and Facebook. While organic traffic converts well, traffic from networking sites like the ones mentioned above and your return visitors does not convert well. Non-organic traffic usually does not offer a very high CPC. This signifies majority of your blog’s traffic going waste. To convert non-organic traffic and make some money out of it, you should consider using CPM ads.

A general CPM advertising network pays you on a scale of $1-4 per 1000 impressions. If your daily non-organic traffic count is around 500, you are probably losing revenue that those 500 visitors could have possibly made had they come to your blog from search engines as they are less likely to click on ads. You should implement CPM advertisements on your blog as they are probably the best way out.

Why use a CPM advertising network?

  • Can be placed anywhere on your blog / website.
  • You get paid decently.
  • Easy to implement on your blog or website.
  • $1-8 for traffic which otherwise could have gone waste is too good!
  • Can be used along with Google Adsense or other advertising networks.
  • Allows you to monetize your blog’s unused inventory.
  • Allows you to earn some extra money.
  • & more…

I’ve mentioned few of the top paying CPM advertising networks that I’ve tried or have been recommended by someone.

If you come across any other high paying CPM advertising networks, do let us know and we’d happily add them to this list! Together, let’s make the biggest list of CPM advertising networks.

Casale Media

casale media screenshot


Cox Digital Solutions

Cox Digital Solutions Screenshot

Tribal Fusion

tribalfusion screenshot

Value Click

value click media screenshot

Vibrant Media

vibrant media screenshot


Inter Click

interclick screnshot

Burst Media

burst media screnshot

Double Click

doubleclick screnshot

Say Media

say media screnshot

IDG Tech Network

idgtechnetwork screnshot

Turn Ads

turn screnshot

Gorilla Nation

gorilla nation screnshot

CPX Interactive

cpx interactive screnshot


ad pepper screnshot


clicksor screnshot

Paid To Promote

paid to promote screnshot


clickbooth screnshot




chitika screnshot

Ybrant Digital

ybrant digital screnshot

Technorati Media

technorati media


adtegrity screnshot

Banner Connect

banner connect screnshot

AdAgency 1

ad agency 1 screnshot

Net Shelter

net shelter screnshot

Morning Falls Network

morning falls screnshot


axill screnshot

Harren Media

harren media screenshot

These are some best CPM advertising networks I’ve come across. I’ve tried some of them, while my friends have recommended the others. My favorites among the above CPM advertising networks are Harren Media, Tribal Fusion, Clicksor, Chitika and Technorati Media.

All the above CPM-based ad networks have their own terms and conditions, payment rules, different payment schemes, etc. So I recommend you to go through their terms and conditions and frequently asked questions section carefully and before joining contact them if you have any doubts. You’d be asked to sign a contract to use some of the above CPM ads network (ex: Harren Media). Read the contract / agreement patiently and then sign it carefully.

If you don’t want to lose out on your CPC ad revenue, you can use the the above CPM networks along with Google Adsense or other ad networks. You can even use two CPM ad networks simultaneously on your blog or website.

Tip: It’s an amazing idea to try out two ad networks simultaneously or to change the ad network weekly. This will help you find the perfect, top paying CPM ad network for your blog.

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