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About BlogForTricks:

BlogForTricks is founded by sunil kumar. BlogForTricks is a tutorial blog to share whatever i know about Blogspot, WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Web Development, Internet and Technology. Here you can learn about, how to Develop your Blog with simple strategies and win SEO.


About Me

I am a Professional Blogger & SEO Expert from India. I writes about Blogging, WordPress, Blogspot, SEO, Social Media, Web Development, Make Money Online and Technology. Along with Blogging I offers various services such as WordPress Blog Setup, WordPress SEO, Blogspot Template Designing, WordPress Theme Designing, etc.

I Started my blogging with Blogspot and very soon i was migrated to WordPress cause Like every Pro Blogger, I also Love WordPress and runs most of my blogs over this Blogging Platform. Since my childhood i like Gadgets, & Tech Stuffs, that’s why i runs most of my blogs on Technology.

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