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5 Social Media Tools to Monitor Your Business

Are you making a move towards the online presence of your business?

You may not be aware of the ways, which can help you to grow your network, and keep a track of the efforts. It is not enough to build a website. You need to set up your social networking profiles. Start tweeting or sharing business contents on the LinkedIn profile share status updates on the Facebook fan page as a daily activity.

5 Social Media Tools to Monitor Your Business

5 Social Media Tools to Monitor Your Business

Pay attention to current trends and your efforts to gain better results for the business forum. Well, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Plenty of social media tools are available on the platforms that are ready to help you out. Here are a few, which you might like to check and start soon.

1.Google Analytics. This software is one of the best when it comes to social media monitoring (above all it’s a free tool). A collection of useful tools that helps to track the visitors clicks through your website, from the various social media networks. To view the interaction of your online content, you get to apply amazing tricks with this all-encompassing software. Many businesses like to start with these tools as it serves even after you discover the more targeted option.

2.Social Mention. If you are trying to optimize the online efforts, then Social Mention is one such freebie that you cannot live without. It allows you to search the keywords across a number of platforms so that you can keep a watch on the trends. It provides you with surplus data to see where the keywords are used, how viewers respond to them etc.

3.HootSuite & CoTweet. Twitter enables the business owners to get access to a fast-paced forum for communicating with the consumer publicly. Well, it does need a constant monitoring and tweaking. There are few tools to help you monitor that. CoTweet allows planning and implementing an automated schedule of tweets. Whereas, HootSuite lets you track keywords on Twitter and monitor multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and more.

4.Technorati. If you keep on wondering when blogs reference the items you have posted, then you need to tool called Technorati. It is the most extensive blog monitoring service on the internet. You just have to sign in and start tracking the online mentions.

5.Klout. It is the demand of most of the business, to share their contents across multiple social media platforms. It does not do much good if you are not able to track the impact. Here the Klout enters, to manage all your equations. It helps you to know how the viewers are interacting with your content and provides the analytical data to pertain to the contents, links, recommendations, and so on. You may not be able to measure the impact of your online efforts but Klout can do it in favor of you.

Are you ready to set your business on wheels?

Do you want to promote the multimedia contents, or different blog post through your social media platforms?

Do you want to see how various social sites fetch audience for you?

Do you want to keep tab of various social media activities, then try these five tools now.

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